The loss of 2 children in one year can take a toll on anyones emotional and physical well-being and can obviously wreck havoc in anotherwise stable and happy marriage. I am proud to say that although my husband and I have had our arguements we are fighting this battle together and we both know that no matter what our precious walking Miracle Emilie will have her parents happy and together. So please join me in my journey to add to my family; life has a funny way of working out if we just believe.

Photo Album

This was to be Isabelle's baptism gift from her Godmother; my sister.  If you look closely my sister designed it to have Isabelle's initials - IVB in the wing of the butterfly.  Isabelle was my little butterfly from the momment I felt her flutter in my belly and somehow the association continued in her room, the personalized blanket I made her and through my greiving. My little purple butterfly - I miss you baby.